Executive Team

Christopher Gulotta

Founder & CEO

CEO and Founder of Real Estate Data Shield and The Gulotta Grabiner Law Group, and has represented institutional lenders in mortgage finance transactions for nearly 30 years. He has developed cyber security compliance tools for mortgage lenders, title underwriters, and title and settlement agents.

Professor Paul Schwartz

Chief Privacy Advisor

An international expert on information privacy law, Professor Schwartz assists corporations and law firms with regulatory, policy, and governance issues. As professor of law at UC Berkeley and Director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, he has published widely on privacy and data security topics.

Richard Purcell

Courseware Developer

A leading voice in consumer privacy and data protection challenges, Mr. Purcell is an award-winning developer of Web-based education and training courses. As Microsoft’s original privacy officer, he designed and implemented one of the world’s largest and most advanced privacy programs.

Most Data Beaches Are Avoidable

Data leaks threaten real estate companies. Title & Settlement service providers are exposed to millions of dollars in possible data breach liability. Increasingly, regulators are investigating the privacy and security practices of companies, and class-action attorneys are bringing lawsuits for data breaches.

Human error in handling data is a daily threat to the future of your company. Threats to your company come from the Internet, cloud-based services, malware, dumpster diving by data thieves, the increased use of electronic devices, and “social engineering” attacks.

Why Compliance Matters

  • Prepare for Lender and Regulatory Scrutiny
  • Prevent Data Breach
  • Minimize Liability
  • Comply with Privacy Laws
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Implement Trackable Solutions
  • Be Privacy Smart ®