REDS 2.0

Our new compliance management platform is here. A Changing World: Information Security Compliance for Real Estate Settlement Services Companies.

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Compliance Management Platform

We assist mortgage lenders, underwriters, and title and settlement agents to reach and maintain the highest level of compliance with federal and state consumer privacy laws.

Compliance Program for Lender & Underwriters

Partner with us to build your compliance network. Our program helps to grow your business, and to take the lead in compliance and best practices.

On Site Assessment

Prepare for lender scrutiny and regulator audits and protect your company from cyber theft and devastating data breaches. Demonstrate your compliance to lenders.

Privacy Assessment Tool

We help your organization to identify any weak links in your data handling practices. Understand your risk and get information to close security gaps.

Compliance & Data Security Consulting

Talk to us about your compliance and data security needs. We offer everything from risk management analysis to data breach recovery and secure password policies.

Compliance Manuals

Data Security Compliance Manuals provides guidelines, procedures and policy templates helping you to demonstrate compliance while minimizing exposure to data breaches.

NYS DFS Specific Compliance ToolKit

  1. NYS DFS Cybersecurity Policy & Procedure Templates
  2. Security & Risk Assessment
  3. Consulting
  4. Fractional CISO Services

Why Compliance Matters

  • Prepare for Lender and Regulatory Scrutiny
  • Minimize Liability Risk And Protect Your Business.
  • Comply Withe The Law And Implement Solutions.
  • Be Privacy Smart™ And Learn Privacy Practices
  • Measure Your Success With Trackable Solutions.
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