REDS 3.0

REDS 3.0 is Real Estate Data Shield’s third generation, state-of-the-art compliance and information security training. This highly interactive, 45 minute web-based course will take your staff and independent contractors through the proper ways to interact with the highly sensitive information handled in a typical mortgage finance transaction. The course pinpoints the most current information and escrow-fund security threats to our industry: cyber fraud, wire fraud, identity theft, phishing emails, spoof emails, ransomware, social engineering attacks, etc. Teaching your staff – your front-line defense – how to identify and react to such attacks will immediately help mitigate emerging cyber security risks.


New York is the first state to directly address the growing information and escrow-fund security threat within the finance services industry (title agents, mortgage brokers, etc.) in its creation of Regulation 23 NYCRR 500. Ensure you are compliant with these regulations. The REDS NYS DFS Toolkit provides detailed prompts to assist you in establishing your company’s cyber compliance. For a one-time fee, the Toolkit includes:

  1. Baseline Cybersecurity Policy Templates (in accordance with §500.03)
  2. Cybersecurity Program Worksheet (in accordance with §500.02)
  3. Self-Assessment Tool (in accordance with §500.09)
  4. REDS Implementation Timeline Outline
  5. Updates and Tips from REDS regarding the latest NYS DFS announcements regarding Regulation 500
  6. Consulting Services (additional fee applies)

REDS Small Agency Compliance Toolkit:

Lead the industry in your compliance posture by utilizing our Compliance Toolkit designed for small agencies. Based upon the framework of the NYS DFS Cybersecurity Regulations and the NAIC Model Cybersecurity Law, this highly interactive toolkit helps ensure title agents and mortgage brokers are meeting the emerging regulatory requirements. For a one-time fee, the Toolkit includes:

  1. Policy & Procedure Templates
  2. Cybersecurity Program Worksheet / Program Descriptor
  3. Self-Assessment Tool

Privacy & Data Security Consulting

Talk to us about your compliance and data security needs. We offer everything from risk management analysis and Fractional Information Security Officer services to data breach recovery and secure password policies.

Compliance Program for Lender & Underwriters

Partner with us to build your compliance posture. Our program helps your company take the lead in compliance and best practices.

Privacy Self-Assessment Tool

We help your organization to identify any weak links in your data handling practices. Understand your risk and get information to close security gaps.