REDS and SoftPro Partner on Cyber Security Compliance

Real Estate Data Shield is proud to partner with SoftPro in assisting the Title and Settlement industry with privacy, data security, and escrow-fund mandates.

Take Effective Steps

Did you know that wire fraud, cyber fraud, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Email Account Compromise (EAC), and social engineering attacks are on the rise in the title and settlement industry? The FBI reports 1108% increase in total number of real estate victims of fraud and 2518% increase in real estate victim loss from 2015-2017. BEC attacks accumulated for losses in excess of $675,000,000. Title companies are being brought into lawsuits and suffering negative financial and reputation impacts like never before. Cyber security studies show that the single greatest risk is the human. Regulators identify staff training as a primary security control. Thus, employee training on information security laws & regulations, emerging fraudster tactics, and in the identification and proper handling of any such attacks is one of the most effective steps a company can take.

Thwart Cyber Attacks

REDS 3.0 is the third generation, state-of-the-art, double award-winning compliance and information security training. This web-based course takes only 45 minutes, teaching your staff and independent contractors what they need to know about the laws and regulations, emerging fraudster BEC and social engineering tactics, and how to identify and thwart these attacks. More importantly, the REDS 3.0 course teaches these critical concepts in the day-to-day workflow of a title and settlement operation.

Preferred Pricing for All SoftPro Users

All SoftPro users received our Preferred Pricing model, reducing the total cost by 20%. The following is a sample pricing matrix:

# of Licenses 1-year contract 2-year contract 3-year contract





















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