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Courseware Licenses and course assessments are valid through the purchased licensing term.

Awareness Courseware

Licenses available for as low as $30 per user
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Compliance Management Platform

Policy Templates & Security Assessment Tool

Private Label Services

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Custom e-Courseware

Custom e-Courseware designed for your company’s needs.
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Privacy and Data Security Consulting

Advanced risk management analysis, development of privacy and security governance programs, analysis of data flows risks, data privacy policies, incident response plans, electronic communications and Internet use policies, secure password policies, and disaster recovery plans.
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*Each license generates a user compliance certification.

What is e-Courseware?

Our e-Courseware addresses privacy and data security laws that specifically apply to the Title and Settlement industry. You can access our interactive course from any computer. You can apply your learning experience directly to your job while maintaining flexibility for your day-to-day business.

What are the advantages of e-Courseware?

You save travel and time off from work, both costly components. Whether you are training a single employee or a large group of users spread apart, you can access our e-Courseware from home or work, day or night. We feature real word privacy and security situations that specifically apply to the Title and Settlement industry.

Is is easy to get started with e-Courseware?

It is very easy. We handle the technology part for you. You just go to our website, log on with your passcode, and take our e-Course.

How can I track my learning experience?

Once you have completed our 20 – 30 minute e-Course, you will take an assessment that measures how well you understand the implications of safe data handling. Computer-graded results are available immediately. The employer receives firm-wide reports on completed assessments.

Is there a lot of technical language in the e-Courseware?

We have developed a common-sense approach with easily understandable practices. Our e-Courseware features real word privacy and security situations. It engages in topics most relevant to Title and Settlement service providers.

What laws and regulations apply to my organization?

  • The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act’s Safeguards Rule applies to Title and Settlement Service Providers. The Rule details the necessary protections for customers’ sensitive personal and  financial information.
  • Federal law requires proper disposal of consumer information. Violations of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Disposal Rule are subject to civil penalties and class action lawsuits.
  • The FTC has assessed financial penalties against real estate service providers for shortcomings in data handling practices.
  • The FTC has forced companies to engage in costly certification of their security programs and to hire independent third parties for annual audits for as long as two decades.
  • State and federal laws require costly individual notification of customers when data are lost or compromised.

Will the e-Courseware reflect the latest regulations?

All our e-Courseware reflects the most up-to-date rules and regulations. In developing our e-Course, we have drawn on our intimate knowledge of the Title and Settlement industry and the expertise of internationally recognized compliance, data security, and e-learning experts.

Why should I worry about data handling at all?

In our digital economy, we depend on technology and sometimes forget how easy it is to make mistakes – even simple ones. Be in control of your risk and maintain your marketplace reputation.

Where can I learn more after I have trained with the e-Courseware?

At Real Estate Data Shield, we believe that closing gaps starts with people’s awareness. If you want to take a deeper look at your operations and manage your risks more thoroughly, we’ll soon offer company self-assessment tools. In addition, we offer individual consulting services to help companies develop appropriate compliance and data security practices.

Is the e-Courseware expensive?

Our courseware is highly affordable. Consider that a response to a security incident averages over $200 per breached record. Employees who are aware of the best data handling practices are less likely to make a mistake, and your company is much less likely to have a data breach.

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