Protecting NPI and understanding Lenders data security expectations is the most misunderstood of all the Best Practices.  Most title agents rely on the counsel of their local IT Support.  While having local IT support is crucial, it takes an expert in the real estate arena to adequately meet the expectations of regulatory compliance.   For this reason,  our agency group invited Chris Gulotta and the REDS team to conduct workshops to our title agents. The REDS team did a phenomenal job at clearly defining the expectations of data-security compliance, conducting one-on-one assessments, and ultimately helping agents to become fully compliant.  I highly recommend REDS to be a solution provider for all title agents in this area of their business.  This is an opportunity to not only remain on the Lenders approved settlement agent lists but to also  leverage data-security compliance in gaining new market share.  In today’s new regulatory environment, “Compliance is the new marketing.”

Lee LaGraize, Fidelity National Title GroupVice President

“Be Aware and Prepared to Not only Survive but Thrive in this New Market.”  This was the theme of several of our Seminars and Business Resource Roundtables that we have hosted over this year.  We contacted Chris Gulotta of REDS to help us deliver that message to our Title Agents, big and small, in our Midwest Market.  Chris Gulotta not only delivered that message but provided industry insight, market knowledge, compliance essentials and all of this without even promoting Real Estate Data Shield.  Chris is so compassionate about our industry, he makes sure that you leave a seminar or conversation with him, informed and educated first and promoting his company second.  I would like to promote both Chris Gulotta as an industry expert and his company, Real Estate Date Shield together.  The combination of Chris’ knowledge of data security, lender liability and nonpublic personal information along with the affordable REDS Security Compliance courseware, as a winning combination for any title agency today.  The most challenging Best Practice is No. 3, Information and Data Security.  You cannot go a week without hearing about a breach of data security on the news and we do not want any of our FNTG Agents to be in the news.  We are proud to have teamed up with REDS and we endorse them as one of our Best Practices Solution Partners.

Linda Grahovec, Fidelity National Title GroupVice President

As our company offers secure data delivery solutions to help deal with crushing regulatory compliance, I met Chris Gulotta and the Real Estate Data Shield team through a common Fortune 500 client that needed to implement ALTA Best Practices. Over the past year, I have seen firsthand, the value of Real Estate Data Shield and its compliance management platform, the immediate value impact for its clients and how easy it is to implement. As an extra benefit, as a subject matter expert, Chris has been instrumental in educating our company on the vital role that our data in motion solutions play in helping the title and settlement industry address their critical compliance workflows. Consider this to be a huge endorsement of Real Estate Data Shield, their Awareness Courseware and a trusted advisor in Chris.

Bruce Skoletsky, DataMotionVice President of Sales

As an industry leader in data security, we are drawn into many unique situations that require high levels of intelligence, experience, a strong understanding of the Title industry as a whole, in addition to high levels of integrity. As Cyber-Security is our area of expertise, when we want to verify and or confirm high level complex thoughts that are a bit out of the ordinary, Chris Gulotta is one of our key Go-To guys for that validation. Chris and his team at Real Estate Data Shield help various individuals as well as entities in and around Title industry making processes very simple to understand and implement. He is an industry leader you can trust. We do!

Steven Russo, Secure Cloud SystemsExecutive Vice President

Fidelity National Title Group The Fidelity family of companies has been working with Chris Gulotta  and Real Estate Data Shield for over two years now in furtherance of and in support  of the ALTA “ Best Practices”. Simply stated , Real Estate Data Shields’ compliance management platform  provides settlement service providers with data security solutions. The  importance and value of their products, services and training tools  in addressing the critical demands placed on  our industry to protect consumers  non-public personal information, however, should never be  understated or taken lightly. It is a new day in our industry and the bar and expectations have been raised for all of us  like never before. Fortunately with Real Estate Data Shield,  It has never been easier, more cost effective or more important than right now to build a strong and compliant data security foundation for your company.

John Obzub, Fidelity National Title GroupExecutive Vice President, National Agency Operations

Chris and his firm, The Gulotta Law Group, provide excellent service with respect to all aspects of real estate closing and settlement transactions. He and his Team is very professional and reliable.


Thomas Linehan, Citibank

Chris and his team have developed the industry standard for education and staff training on data security and compliance. The solutions provided by Real Estate Data Shield are comprehensive – at the same time, implementation throughout the organization is simplified because they have real world title experience.

R.E. Data Shield fills a critical need in the new regulatory environment, and I highly recommend Chris and his team. Like our YourDox document technology, they provide effective and easily deployed solutions for title agencies that ensure adherence to best practices, reduce liability, and make data security a valuable and marketable asset

Peter Johnson, Pioneer Technology GroupVice President Marketing & Sales

I met Chris a little more than a year ago when I worked at October Research. During our frequent conversations on our partnership, it was clear that Chris possessed a high degree of analytical and strategic thinking skills. He is very organized and dedicated to the goals and tasks required to lead any organization. Chris values new opinions and perspectives, and it has been my pleasure to know him professionally and personally.

Glen Stout, RynohLiveVice President Marketing & Sales

It is easy to endorse a professional like Chris Gulotta. His energy, insights, and integrity were evident from our very first meeting. Over the past several months working with Chris I’ve watched as he has recognized new emerging challenges of the real estate settlement industry and worked diligently to bring innovative, effective and highly efficient solutions to the marketplace. Chris has great knowledge of his industry and a great knowledge and appreciation for the growing risks associated with data security and privacy. Chris is intelligent, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.

Scott Ernst, Wells Fargo Insurance ServicesVice President

Chris is an innovative and admirable entrepreneur. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris for the last couple years. He is a knowledgeable and forward-thinking entrepreneur of numerous businesses in the real estate and settlement services industry. Chris introduced the industry to Real Estate Data Shield (REDS), a cutting edge technology solution for helping professionals remain compliant with data security requirements through web-based training modules. The distinguished founders of REDS have developed a program that should be implemented throughout the industry. Chris has a vast knowledge of lender liability and the impact on title and settlement agents, he was in the fore-front of pushing the industry to comply and develop a path to compliance. I would highly recommend him to any company or firm seeking high quality business solutions, a true professional who understands the value of relationships in business. He has spent the time learning what was important before introducing new products to the industry.

Erika Meyer, October ResearchOwner & Publisher

Chris Gulotta is a true forward-thinker. When I was the editor of The Title Report, I heard a lot of pitches for products, services, new ideas, the next big industry scandal, etc., but I had never heard about data security issues in the title industry until Chris started talking about them. Now, there are few issues more pressing, and Chris was out in front. Not only that, but he the took the issue head on and started Real Estate Data Shield to try and solve the problem— and he’s constantly looking for ways to protect, improve and innovate within the title insurance space. But even more than that, Chris is a loyal, genuine guy that was a pleasure to work and just chat with in my time in the title industry.

Chris Crowell, Babcox MediaManaging Editor

Christopher has served as a speaker at the National Settlement Services Summit, on recent webinars for October Research, LLC and as an expert source for October Research, LLC publications. He has tremendous expertise and has been on the forefront of data security in the title insurance industry. His passion for educating and helping industry members understand what they need in order to comply with privacy laws and data security requirements shows in his work. His expertise is far-reaching and I recommend him as an educator and source of knowledge for title insurance professionals.

Kelly McCarel, October ResearchSeminars and Webinars Director