Strategic Partners

RynohLive is a fully automated proactive fraud prevention and escrow account management system that works with your existing settlement software and bank. Automatically and daily, RynohLive reconciles your escrow accounts three-ways.

DataMotion enables you to reduce cost and complexity of delivering electronic information to employees, customers and partners in a secure and compliant way. Providing solutions for secure email, file transfer, forms processing, and customer contact.

LenderSecure is a one-stop-shop solution for agents to meet Best Practice standards and lender audits. Comprised of industry leaders offering solutions in a cost-effective bundled pricing format.

October Research is the nation’s leading provider of market intelligence, industry news and regulatory information for real estate, settlement services and mortgage industry professionals.

Fidelity National Financial, a leading title insurance underwriting provider is urging their title agents nationwide to embrace Real Estate Data Shield’s compliance solutions as their preferred vendor.

PYA provides development assistance with policies and procedures that are consistent with the ALTA Best Practices Framework.