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Real Estate Data Shield announced today the upcoming launch of 'REDS 3.0'

New York, NY, October 9, 2017

REDS 3.0 is the third generation, state-of-the-art compliance and information security solution launched by Real Estate Data Shield (REDS).   The new version  will enhance the current  REDS

2.0 course by incorporating a new 15 minute module addressing the most current “information” and “escrow-fund” security threats to our industry: cyber fraud, wire fraud, identity theft, phishing emails, spoof emails, ransomware, social engineering attacks, etc. By teaching staff (your front- line defense) how to identify and react to such attacks, companies can immediately mitigate emerging cyber security risks. Nearly 50% of all incidents are the result of employee negligence. Arming employees with an awareness of regulatory mandates promotes an enhanced sense of urgency in safeguarding both customer information and the escrow funds moving through disbursement accounts.

For the past 6 years, REDS has been the industry innovator and industry standard for Information Security, Escrow Fund Security, and ALTA Best Practice Pillar 3 compliance training. Its web- based course has won two prestigious “e-learning” awards and is currently used nationwide by title agents, title underwriters, attorneys, escrow and settlement companies, and other real estate service providers as their employee training solution in 45 states.

REDS’s on-demand course can be completed by staff during off-peak times, thereby eliminating business disruption. Upon completion of this 45 minute, highly interactive course, employees undergo a competency exam and are then able to generate certificates evidencing their annual training and information security competency. Beyond meeting regulator, lender, and FTC/CFPB employee training requirements, the REDS employee training solution provides an enhanced compliance posture and reduces risk.

The interactive course takes learners through CFPB & OCC Third Party Oversight regulations, FTC/CFPB/NYS DFS privacy regulations, trending cyber-attack scenarios, teaching them the Privacy Smart© best practice techniques to identify fraudster tactics and know how to thwart such attacks.

About Real Estate Data Shield (history of company, and include below)

Real Estate Data Shield was the Inaugural ALTA Best Practice Elite Provider and its principal, Christopher Gulotta, Esq., CIPP has over 30 years of title & settlement experience and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional.

Press Contact: Ryan Cabrita (212) 951-7302


North American Title Group teams up with Real Estate Data Shield for data privacy and security training

Miami, Florida, June 4, 2014
North American Title Group has contracted with Real Estate Data Shield to provide online training for its settlement services employees as well as other personnel, addressing compliance with data privacy laws and regulations. Real Estate Data Shield’s award-winning e-courseware, “Privacy and Security for Real Estate Settlement Services Companies,” will cover appropriate procedures and practices to ensure compliance with those laws and regulations impacting the company’s business and data-handling operations.

“Data security plays a very high level of importance in our business, and it is a topic of increasing concern for all our customers, both home buying and selling consumers as well as lenders,” said Jeff Howeth, general counsel, North American Title Group. “In addition, implementing a privacy and information security program to protect non-public personal information is a key pillar of the American Land Title Association’s ‘Best Practices.’

“North American Title has chosen Real Estate Data Shield’s system to provide training on this critical topic for all our associates,” added Howeth.

The online training will guide North American Title associates through the different types of personal information, compliance with laws and regulations, life cycle of files and storage, as well as data-handling operations. Associates will then be required to review and acknowledge security and confidentiality policies currently in place at North American Title.

“We’re happy to support North American Title Group’s efforts to arm their employees with information security training tools,” said Christopher Gulotta, chief executive officer, Real Estate Data Shield. “Their certificate of completion is evidence of North American Title Group’s awareness and proficiency in the applicable laws, rules, regulations and best practices for security compliance.”

About North American Title

With well over 1,000 associates and a vast network of branches from coast to coast, North American Title (NAT) is among the largest real estate settlement service providers in the United States. Consisting of both agent and underwriter operations, NAT reported annual net revenues in fiscal 2013 of $185 million. The company also has the resources and stability of a wholly owned subsidiary of an S&P 500 company with over $11.0 billion in assets (fiscal quarter ending Nov. 30, 2013). North American Title’s agency network operates nationally under the name North American Title Co. (NATC), and is located in 17 of the fastest-growing states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Through our relationship with our expanding affiliate network, NATC provides real estate settlement services in all 50 states. NAT is headquartered in Miami, Fla. To learn more, visit

About Real Estate Data Shield

Real Estate Data Shield, through its Compliance Management Platform (over 5,000 licensed users), provides our industry’s first and best-in-class security compliance solutions including: (i) written information security & related policy templates; (ii) double award winning staff training e-courseware; (iii) a security self-assessment tool to identify gaps in security and prepare for lender/regulator audits; and (iv) through Security Compliance Associates (SCA) complete an On-Site Information Security Assessment & Certification. Our Executive Team includes recognized title and settlement industry thought leaders, as well as internationally recognized privacy and data security legal, regulatory and compliance experts. More information can be found at


Releasing Software Demo

New York, NY, June 11, 2013

Real Estate Data Shield has released a demo of their compliance software in their line of data security products. This demo of their “Awareness” courseware is currently available through their website ( The courseware is specifically designed to help title & settlement companies arm their staff with an awareness of data security laws, risks, and threats. It is also designed to help title & settlement agents meet the emerging and increasing compliance and industry standards as set forth by the CFPB and ALTA (“Best Practices”).

Real Estate Data Shield is the leading supplier of compliance software for real estate service providers.

The e-Courseware, developed for Title and Settlement Service Providers, makes it easy to demonstrate your company’s regulatory compliance to lenders, regulators and clients.

Get the your free demo at:

Our Awareness Courseware Collects its Second Prestigious Award

New York, NY, May 6, 2013

Real Estate Data Shield’s compliance and data security Awareness e-Courseware wins this year’s Horizon Interactive Bronze Award.

The Horizon Interactive Awards is an international competition for excellence in interactive media production. Only the best products receive this level of worldwide recognition.

Today, the CFPB and other federal and state regulators are pressing lenders to audit and monitor their related consumer protection laws. Lenders have identified data security compliance as the top compliance concern.

Real Estate Data Shield’s 20-minute course identifies current federal and state regulations and compliance tips. It does so in the context of a title and settlement workday and workflow.

For Real Estate Data Shield, the Horizon Interactive Award is the latest industry recognition for the company’s commitment to provide highly effective e-Learning solutions. We meet the training needs of the title and settlement industry—and we exceed your expectations!

Learn more at:

Real Estate Data Shield wins the 2012 Bronze OMNI Award

New York, NY, December 4, 2014

Omni Intermedia has awarded a 2012 Bronze Award to Real Estate Data Shield’s compliance and data security e-Courseware. The Omni Intermedia Awards recognized Real Estate Data Shield’ outstanding e-Courseware in its Educational category. The awards committee honored this e-Courseware for quality and content that achieved highest standards of excellence.

For Real Estate Data Shield, the Omni award is the latest industry recognition for the company’s commitment to provide highly effective e-Learning solutions that meet the training needs of the title and settlement industry.
“We developed this Awareness Courseware to arm title and settlement companies with the knowledge to help meet the increasing regulation and enforcement of consumer privacy laws. Our industry deals in consumer non-public information every day, on every file,” Chris Gulotta said and “The Omni Award is a testament to our company’s commitment to the development of data security compliance tools for our industry.”
Omni Intermedia Awards have been presented to many different companies, including DreamWorks SKG, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Learning Channel, Arthur Andersen, Eastman Kodak, Ford, MTV, VH1, Telemundo, Warner Brothers, CNN, the U.S. Army, Canon USA, and the National Gallery of Art.

“This award recognizes the converging fields of media production and rewards those companies who can capture the imagination and effectively communicate their message,” says Jim Owens, Senior Administrator of the Omni Awards.

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Welcoming Richard Purcell to Executive Team

New York, NY, October 28, 2014

Christopher J. Gulotta, CEO of Real Estate Data Shield is pleased to announce that Richard Purcell has joined the firm’s executive team.

Richard is a leading voice in consumer privacy and data protection challenges, as well as an award-winning developer of Web-based education and training courses.

He will lead courseware development as well as compliance management and development. He has been instrumental in the development of Real Estate Data Shield’s compliance e-Learning products.

As Microsoft’s original privacy officer, Mr. Purcell designed, developed, implemented and oversaw one of the world’s largest and most advanced privacy programs spanning Internet properties, software products, end-user support and information systems.

“I am thrilled to be part of Real Estate Data Shield, a firm that is the leading force in defining compliance management in the Title and Settlement Industry.” said Richard Purcell.

Join us in congratulating Richard Purcell on his new role and in his continuing to shape the regulatory compliance and data security world!

“Don’t wait for the CFPB to Knock on Your Door” presented by Real Estate Data Shield

New York, NY, October 11, 2014 

Real Estate Data Shield will present a live demonstration of its compliance and data security software at the ALTA Annual Convention in Colorado Springs on Friday, October 19th 2012 at 8:15 AM.

“You don’t want to put off compliance management until the CFPB, lenders or title underwriters knock on your door” Christopher Gulotta, CEO of Real Estate Data Shield recommends to all real estate service providers. “Proactively striving for compliance is the best protection for your business and it’ll help you stay off the CFPB’s radar.”

Due to increasing regulations in the financial sector and the heightened enforcement of these regulations by the FTC and CFPB, companies are urging their Title agents to embrace compliance management solutions. Our industry is also experiencing mounting pressure from institutional lenders to demonstrate that independent agents are adhering to data security best practices.

Real Estate Data Shield’s compliance management system is affordable and efficient. It includes an interactive e-Courseware that was designed specifically for title and settlement data security compliance and takes only 20-25 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the included certification exam, the courseware generates a certificate indicating that the user successfully completed the course. The online training tool allows agents to then demonstrate to lender clients and regulators (including the CFPB and FTC) their compliance with the staff-training requirement.

Real Estate Data Shield named Fidelity National Financial’s Preferred Vendor for Data Security Compliance

New York, NY, October 2, 2012

Fidelity National Financial, a leading provider of title insurance underwriting and related services, is urging their Title agents nationwide to embrace Real Estate Data Shield’s compliance and data security solutions.

Fidelity’s recommendation is based upon increasing financial sector regulations and the stricter enforcement of these regulations (FTC, CFPB, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, CFPB April 2012-03 Bulletin) in the data security area. The mounting pressure from institutional lenders to demonstrate that independent agents are adhering to data security “best practices” and are complying with applicable data security laws, also contributes to this recommendation.

Christopher Gulotta, CEO of Real Estate Data Shield, summarized: “We are delighted to be selected as Fidelity’s vendor of choice for compliance and data security solutions and commend them for helping to raise the compliance and ‘best practices’ standard in our industry.”

Real Estate Data Shield’s interactive e-Courseware was designed specifically for title and settlement data security compliance and takes only 20-25 minutes for the user to complete. Upon completion of the included certification exam, the courseware generates a certificate indicating that the user successfully completed the course. This allows agents to then demonstrate to lender clients and regulators (including the CFPB and FTC) their compliance with the staff-training component of the applicable privacy laws, rules and regulations.

Live Demonstration of Compliance and Data Security Software at the ALTA Conference

New York, NY, September 24, 2012 

Real Estate Data Shield has developed a tool to meet your compliance and data security obligations in the most efficient way. Attend a live demo on Friday September 19th at 8:00-9:15 AM at the ALTA conference in Colorado Springs.

The CFPB, in its April Bulletin, has made it very clear that lenders are strictly liable for their vendor’s compliance. In anticipation of audits and fines, it is in the lender’s best interest to ensure their vender’s compliance by implementing staff training.

Real Estate Data Shield’s e-Courseware teaches your employees how to demonstrate compliance and to protect sensitive data in your control. Real Estate Data Shield helps you to implement trackable solutions without interrupting your daily business.